Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media:printmaking and digital print, gloss

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website:no website

Instagram:no instagram

About the Artist

Jennifer is in her last semester at CSULB in the graduate printmaking program. An interesting fact about her is that she actually did her undergrad in Biology. She also has a wide range of interests, so her work reflects the merge between science and art. After she graduates she plans to teach a class at Long Beach and see where it goes from there. This exhibit titled Succession, describes a disturbance in a landscape ,whether it be fire or flood, and how over time the land is continually changing.

Formal Analysis

As mentioned above, the media used is printmaking, and digital print. Jennifer also uses photoshop to create her stencils, and she added gloss to her work to give it the three dimensional feel. The nature of the tree bark is mainly lines sketched into the tree, highlighting the wear and tear over the years, and the names and stories left behind with people’s carvings. Most of the other pictures pop off the page and make it feel like you are in that scene. Those are brightly colored to pull attention to the different elements of the landscape. The texture of her work is rough due to the gloss that makes the pictures look 3-d.

Content Analysis

When creating this exhibit, I mentioned that Jennifer was relating her work to the idea of succession; the idea that landscape, people, and things are continually changing over time. Her work is more of an urban change or urbanscape,  and she looks for the microscopic and the macroscopic  elements of the landscape itself, and how those change over time. She focuses in one piece on the tree bark,  which stands for the microscopic elements. She includes different sites in her work, whether it be historic areas, landmarks or monuments, to see how they differ in their landscape.


What stood out for me when talking to Jennifer was her wide range of interests, which influenced her art and how people and things change. I too dabble in a lot of different things such as sports, sorority life, and friends, and it has greatly influenced my experience in college. Also I am just beginning to realize just how much people and things change, especially after you move away and go to college. I don’t have the same friends or interests that I once did, and that is because I am evolving as a person, just like the landscapes.



Wk 12-Classmate Conversation-Katherine Pantoja


Katherine is from South gate which is near Long Beach, so I asked her why she chose CSULB for college. She said it was the simplest and easiest thing to do; to stay close to home and be familiar with the area and the people. Her favorite thing about Long beach is the nature because it is calm and quiet especially in between classes. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, and traveling. She  also loves being out in nature. Her family as a whole does a lot of traveling in the summer, and they have been to Northern California, Cancun, and Alaska. Katherine is a first year and is undeclared, but she’s thinking about going into creative writing. One thing I noticed about Katherine is that she also likes to change her hair, and when I asked her about it she said that if she had the money and resources to change it a lot, she would. She likes to experiment with color, which makes her a perfect fit for art 110.

Website: https://peanutkat001.wordpress.com

Wk 11-Art Experience-Turning Pages


We document ephemeral changes through pictures, whether it be on a real camera, or an iphone. I think pictures say a lot about an experience, and you can really tell people’s emotions and feelings. If a few words went along with that saying we could get a sense for what was going on in that moment. That’s why scrapbooking is a good memory keeper. I think pictures are all up to interpretation, everyone is gonna think something different about what is going on in the photo, so I don’t think the type of picture matters, or even what really is going on. The picture is what you make of it. Another way to share an experience can be through objects like a postcard or a souvenir of the place. I also think the act of taking pictures can enhance what you are seeing, since you might not have spotted something if you didn’t take the picture to freeze that moment. While we were in the library people thought we were out of place and odd and disturbing, but in the bookstore we were like any other customer. This experience was different than anything that we have ever done, and it was interesting to see how people around you react to different things you are doing that might draw attention to you. Something new I learned was that I didn’t know the books were purposely “hidden” away, I thought it was just the setup of the library. All in all it was a fun experience.

Wk 10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox


Artist:Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition:Silent Screams

Media:pastels, oil paint, prints

Gallery:CSULB School Of Art, Gatov Gallery West


Instagram:no instagram

About the Artist

Helen is a graduate student in her last semester of the drawing and painting, figurative tract program of the CSULB School of Art. This show was a project for the completion of her MFA. Outside of art, Helen loves to garden and read fiction and mystery. Before she was in school she taught middle school and high school students for 30 years. The first 13 years, she was in Boston, Massachusetts teaching mostly highschoolers art. She then moved to California because she was tired of snow and rain. Helen had developed an interest in literacy, so she became a school librarian in North Long Beach for 14 years. She grew up in Ithaca, New York, then when she was 18 she moved to Boston to go to BU School of Fine Arts,where she lived for 16 years. This show specifically explores the ideas surrounding a carousel, which is a metaphor of society.

Formal Analysis

The media used, as mentioned above, was pastels, oil paint, and some prints. The formal qualities of the work include line work as a base for shading and detail. She also included many bright pastel colors like orange, green, and blue to bring out the shape of the horses on the carousel. Her work is mostly a continuous drawing, there are no abrupt characteristics about it, she blends it very nicely to give the feeling that we are moving with the carousel.

Content Analysis

When creating this exhibit, Helen was intrigued with the idea of carousels and how they relate to our society. Originally she wanted to draw a carousel with adults because she thinks we are constantly stuck in a circle going round and round, repeating the same mistakes, and it drives her crazy. She then switched over to horses because they were an instrumental part in our society and now have become almost obsolete in regards to what they were used for in the past.


This was the most exciting and interesting exhibit I have seen so far. The work was so detailed and just beautiful to look at. I personally have not really been into art that much. I didn’t see the point in analyzing the meaning behind it, but when I walked into this gallery, I was amazed by the beautiful pictures, and was drawn to the bright pastels. I can also understand how Helen thinks we are spinning in circles in society, as I too have a routine that I stick to every day, and it can often get tiresome. School, work, gym, homework, eat, repeat. We all have schedules and obligations, but once in a while we are fortunate enough to break out of that rut and do something interesting and amazing with our lives. Something that is worth remembering.



Wk 10-Art Experience-Instagram

This week’s art experience was Instagram, a social media platform I am very familiar with and use daily. I decided to make another Instagram for this event, because I choose the pictures very carefully that I post on my main Instagram page, this gave me more freedom to be creative. The four pictures I choose stood out to me, and that is why I wanted to blog about these ones. The first picture highlights snapchat, something I also use daily. The second picture features the galleries, which we visit every Thursday and I could relate to that picture. The third picture was of ice cream, my favorite food group, and the last picture is mine, of my two friends at the nugget, a hang out for a lot of greek life people like myself. What all  four of these pictures have in common is that I can relate and see an overlap of events that I would participate in. They highlight the idea that all college students do similar things with their spare time like eat, and play on social media. It does feel like a sort of community, a college community of CSULB students. When I see a picture of someone at the nugget I think, hey I hang out there too! Although we all live totally different lives, this art experience highlights the similarity of the activities of a typical college student.

Wk 10-Classmate Conversation-Breezy Hastie

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Brianna or Breezy. She is a second year at CSULB majoring in Fashion Merchandising, but she just recently switched over to that. Before she had her current major, she was in business marketing, but decided to change because it’s basically the same as business but more focused on fashion. She got into fashion because she had friends who had already went through the program, so she knew what to expect. Also it’s a small program here so its really nice and easy to make connections. Breezy hails from Los Alamitos, CA and she came to Long Beach because she decided to join a sorority instead of playing lacrosse in college, so her parents wanted her to stay home. Her favorite thing about CSULB is the greek life because its small and we are all like a little family. One interesting fact about Breezy is that she has three extra ribs which don’t bother her or cause any problems. She found this out when she got hit in lacrosse, and she had x-rays just to find out this lump she had was actually a bone!


Wk 9-Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist:Sean Joy

Exhibition:All Work All Play

Media:copper and silver(metals)

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website:no website

Instagram:personal instagram only, no art instagram

About the Artist

Sean is an undergrad here at Cal State Long Beach, this is her last semester, and her first art show! She is a part of the CSULB School of Art’s metal program, and she is currently working for her BFA. Sean originates from LA, but is living in Long Beach currently. She actually got the opportunity to dorm here for 2 years, and is now on her fifth and final year. Outside of art, Sean enjoys reading, some gaming, and she loves cats. When she is in the studio she likes to experiment, and keep active in that way. Her work journals her emotions or activities of her daily life. Sometimes she is just practicing the projects given to her in her classes. Sean also likes to inject her humor into her work if she can. An example of her using emotion in her piece is seen in the picture above of the choker and balls. An interesting fact about Sean is that she actually applied here for creative writing and poetry, but at SOAR she immediately changed to studio art. After two years she decided she wanted to go into metals instead of drawing and painting because it was new and exciting, and she didn’t know there was such a program like it.

Formal Analysis

As mentioned above, the media used was metals such as copper and silver. Sean’s work is very unique, and each piece is different. If I were to describe the nature of one piece such as the choker, I would say the balls are smooth in texture, and the chains are rough as you would imagine. It is similar to a piece of jewelry that any girl would wear, but it carries much more meaning, and isn’t necessarily used to fashion purposes. The color of her work matches the metal she uses: so silver for silver and copper when she used copper metal, she added no additional color.

Content Analysis

When creating this exhibit, and all her pieces, Sean really uses her emotions in that moment. You must have patience to be able to succeed in this kind of work, and Sean values that. She loves that metals can be perfected in their technical aspects. This allows her to match her work to whatever she feels in that moment. Sean believes that she can’t just sit and wait for inspiration, she must simply do, and see what comes of it. In the end when she reviewed her work, she was happy that she worked and played hard.


The art was nice, but the explanation Sean gave behind her work was what really stood out to me. Sean said that patience, perseverance, and acceptance are all important in what she does, and I can very well relate. Being a pre-nursing major is a pretty hard road to take in college. I currently just applied to the nursing program at Long Beach, and another one back home. I need all those virtues that Sean mentioned above, since it is really up in the air where I will be going to school next year. You have to apply to nursing school, you don’t just get in, and that’s scary. I need to learn to let go and accept that wherever I end up, and whatever I’m doing, will be where I’m meant to be.