Wk 15-Classmate Conversation-Vanessa Betancourt


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa. She is from Bellflower, CA and she commutes to CSULB. When I asked her if she liked commuting she said she did, but it’s such a pain to have to leave your house 20 minutes early to drive and find parking. A problem a lot of us have to deal with here at Long Beach. Her favorite thing about going to school here is that everyone she meets is very welcoming and friendly. When deciding where she wanted to go to college, Vanessa only applied to Long Beach. This is because they have a really good social work program, which is what she is majoring in as she completes her first year here. She got into social work because she loves kids, and she thinks sometimes they are dealt a bad hand; they deserve more than what they get. She also wants to be a foster mom when she gets older so some kids won’t have to be in the system. One interesting fact about Vanessa is that she has two tattoos and ten piercings. I had a great time getting to know Vanessa this week.



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