Wk 13-Art Experience-Art Care Package

IMG_9645.JPGMy art care package includes stationary which represents me since I like to write notes, a bow to represent Destiny, the person I am sending the package to since she is on the cheer team, and a current issue of 17 magazine for the cultural aspect. This was a fairly easy art experience since you could just pick anything laying around that fit into one of the three categories. Sending some a snapchat is similar to a care package because you are sending something to someone specific anywhere in the world . If differs because care packages contain physical items while snapchats are just pictures and videos. Ephemera is whatever you want it to be. Someone’s trash may be seen as treasure to someone else, so you can’t pass any judgement based on what you think of someone else’s ephemera. Also I think over time things can become more precious if during the time they were popular, they were passed down as a sentiment and kept for generations because they were important. Also art that is seen by many or few is still art. Popularity doesn’t define what art is. You can be an artist and no one may like your stuff, but anything you make with creativity and thought can be art. I think a snapchat doesn’t hold as much sentiment because it doesn’t take a lot of thought to send someone a picture and its fairly simple and easy to do. Because packages are becoming less common I think they now hold more importance and it shows that someone cares and made an effort to think about them and send something to them. I believe time has a lot to do with how much effort goes into something as well, unless resources are not available. For instance when my mom orders food out I don’t think as much of it, as opposed to when she takes the time out of her busy day to cook dinner for all of our family. In the same way sending a package may be able to contain a little more love because of the effort and thought, and because it is not such a common practice anymore.


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