Wk 12-Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media:printmaking and digital print, gloss

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website:no website

Instagram:no instagram

About the Artist

Jennifer is in her last semester at CSULB in the graduate printmaking program. An interesting fact about her is that she actually did her undergrad in Biology. She also has a wide range of interests, so her work reflects the merge between science and art. After she graduates she plans to teach a class at Long Beach and see where it goes from there. This exhibit titled Succession, describes a disturbance in a landscape ,whether it be fire or flood, and how over time the land is continually changing.

Formal Analysis

As mentioned above, the media used is printmaking, and digital print. Jennifer also uses photoshop to create her stencils, and she added gloss to her work to give it the three dimensional feel. The nature of the tree bark is mainly lines sketched into the tree, highlighting the wear and tear over the years, and the names and stories left behind with people’s carvings. Most of the other pictures pop off the page and make it feel like you are in that scene. Those are brightly colored to pull attention to the different elements of the landscape. The texture of her work is rough due to the gloss that makes the pictures look 3-d.

Content Analysis

When creating this exhibit, I mentioned that Jennifer was relating her work to the idea of succession; the idea that landscape, people, and things are continually changing over time. Her work is more of an urban change or urbanscape,  and she looks for the microscopic and the macroscopic  elements of the landscape itself, and how those change over time. She focuses in one piece on the tree bark,  which stands for the microscopic elements. She includes different sites in her work, whether it be historic areas, landmarks or monuments, to see how they differ in their landscape.


What stood out for me when talking to Jennifer was her wide range of interests, which influenced her art and how people and things change. I too dabble in a lot of different things such as sports, sorority life, and friends, and it has greatly influenced my experience in college. Also I am just beginning to realize just how much people and things change, especially after you move away and go to college. I don’t have the same friends or interests that I once did, and that is because I am evolving as a person, just like the landscapes.



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