Wk 11-Art Experience-Turning Pages


We document ephemeral changes through pictures, whether it be on a real camera, or an iphone. I think pictures say a lot about an experience, and you can really tell people’s emotions and feelings. If a few words went along with that saying we could get a sense for what was going on in that moment. That’s why scrapbooking is a good memory keeper. I think pictures are all up to interpretation, everyone is gonna think something different about what is going on in the photo, so I don’t think the type of picture matters, or even what really is going on. The picture is what you make of it. Another way to share an experience can be through objects like a postcard or a souvenir of the place. I also think the act of taking pictures can enhance what you are seeing, since you might not have spotted something if you didn’t take the picture to freeze that moment. While we were in the library people thought we were out of place and odd and disturbing, but in the bookstore we were like any other customer. This experience was different than anything that we have ever done, and it was interesting to see how people around you react to different things you are doing that might draw attention to you. Something new I learned was that I didn’t know the books were purposely “hidden” away, I thought it was just the setup of the library. All in all it was a fun experience.


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