Wk 10-Art Experience-Instagram

This week’s art experience was Instagram, a social media platform I am very familiar with and use daily. I decided to make another Instagram for this event, because I choose the pictures very carefully that I post on my main Instagram page, this gave me more freedom to be creative. The four pictures I choose stood out to me, and that is why I wanted to blog about these ones. The first picture highlights snapchat, something I also use daily. The second picture features the galleries, which we visit every Thursday and I could relate to that picture. The third picture was of ice cream, my favorite food group, and the last picture is mine, of my two friends at the nugget, a hang out for a lot of greek life people like myself. What all  four of these pictures have in common is that I can relate and see an overlap of events that I would participate in. They highlight the idea that all college students do similar things with their spare time like eat, and play on social media. It does feel like a sort of community, a college community of CSULB students. When I see a picture of someone at the nugget I think, hey I hang out there too! Although we all live totally different lives, this art experience highlights the similarity of the activities of a typical college student.


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