Lorika is the crowned princess on Moonbase Alpha. Her mother reigns as queen, and her father died in battle with another galaxy. All her life she has been royalty, and been given special treatment. But she hates life on this planet. People want to be her friend for all the wrong reasons, and on top of that she is feuding with her mother about inheriting the crown. Every week she disguises herself as a commoner, so that she can experience what life is like without a title. And this is where the story of her adventures begin.


Ava was the first friend Lorika ever made in disguise. She was wandering around the village when she bumped into Ava. She walked Ava home and they talked and talked and became best friends. Lorika trusts her best friend with her life.


Raven Hufflepuff is a hero. He saved Lorika from drowning in the mangel river after she slipped and fell in. She promised she would repay the favor, so far she hasn’t had the chance too.


Leela is the princess’ worst enemy. After Lorika and Ava ran away from the village into the forest, they ran into Leela. Who kidnapped them and tried to ransom them. The queen found out and rescued the girls, but not before Leela got away.


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