Wk 8-Artist Conversation-Bri Joy

Artist:Bri Joy


Media:Bfk printmaking paper, light sensitive emulsion stencils, water based ink screen with aluminum frame

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website:no website until after graduation


About the Artist

Bri Joy is an undergrad at CSULB in her senior year. She studies in the CSULB School of Art, Printmaking program, and this was her BFA show. In her free time, Bri is very active. She likes yoga, surfing, snowboarding, riding her skateboard, and hiking. All of this stems from her childhood, which involved a lot of outdoor activities. Bri grew up in Modjeska Canyon, a very small town with only a few hundred residents. As for her work, Bri told us that her pieces explore the organic and digital worlds colliding or merging, as stated in the title of her exhibit.

Formal Analysis

As mentioned above the media for printmaking is very specific. Bri used bfk printmaking paper, a water based ink screen, and light sensitive emulsion stencils. The nature of her work is made almost completely of continuous lines. The second piece is softer, highlighting the elegance of a woman’s body. As for the other two pieces, they are more unique, they are a bit more loud and direct. Using only black and white, and changing the thickness and directions of the lines, the other two pieces create beautiful, unique line work.

Content Analysis

When we asked Bri about the ideas her work explored, she was very specific in what she drew from to create her work. Bri merges the organic and digital worlds, which are polar opposites. These two elements represent the person she is today. She has this past in a small organic town, and this present in an industrial city which represents the digital aspect. She is exisitng in both these realms at the same time, since they are both a part of who she is. Where she came from, and where she ended up, collided together to create her prints.


What particularly stood out to me in this exhibit was the idea of the two worlds colliding, the past and the future. Just like Bri, I didn’t grow up in Long Beach. I am from the Bay Area six hours away. That place made me who I am today, but when I moved to Long Beach, it became another home for me, and has contributed to the person I am growing into. I wouldn’t change where I came from, but I also love where I am now. I hold onto the memories and life experiences from both places. Bri does the same, but she prints those memories, and merges her two worlds together to create something new, unique, and beautiful.



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