Wk 7-Artist Conversation-Andrea Williams

Artist:Andrea Lauren Williams


Media:ceramics, raw clay, cement

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West



About the Artist

Andrea was born and raised in Riverside and she commutes from there everyday. For her, art and music have been important things in her life since she was little. Her parents encouraged her to explore that area, but it wasn’t until her twenties that she really committed to art. It was a hard decision choosing exactly what she wanted to do because she had a drawing and painting background, but ultimately she chose ceramics. Because of that decision, she is now in the ceramics program as an undergraduate at CSULB. Outside of art she enjoys taking care of her dogs and chickens, and being a mom. Andrea’s work explores the ideas of her Christian faith, motherhood, and the sacrifice and time and effort that often accompanies that life.

Formal Analysis

As mentioned above, Andrea uses ceramics, raw clay, and cement to create her work. Every piece has texture, it is not smooth, but much more jagged like. This is because the artist wants people to see her handprints in her work. Everything is made with her hands which is how she expresses her art. They are an important aspect in creating her work. The color is mainly gray like the cement she uses, but there are hints of brown that highlight and bring attention to the images in her work such as the body of a pregnant woman.

Content Analysis

Andrea’s art explores her physical and mental transformation through motherhood and  her faith. When women become mothers, not only does their body change permanently, but also their priorities. She says these transformations are never ending, just like her faith, which is an important aspect in her work. She centers a lot of her work around the Bible and Christ as well. These two ideas of faith and motherhood are intertwined in her work, and we can see both aspects through pieces such as the one shown above. It highlights a naked woman(the aspect of motherhood) and the cross(the aspect of her faith). Andrea’s work aims to capture these passing moments in time as a memory, since she fears losing herself in these transformations.


This exhibit was really inspiring and relatable for me because for one, I am a woman who wants to have kids one day, and two, because I also am a Christian and my faith is an important aspect in my growing and transforming as a person in college today. Almost everyone fears change, myself included. Not knowing what the future brings, and trying to hold onto my past are things I struggle with everyday. Andrea just gets lost in her work, and she expresses her feelings through her pieces. I admire that, and one day I can’t wait to have a family and see how much my life can change for the better because of it.


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