WK 6-Art Experience-Photowalk

This week’s photo walk was really fun for me because I found some hidden treasures of CSULB. For instance I never knew we had a sign made completely of plants, or that there was a meditation portion in the Japanese Garden. It was cool to walk around and capture the elements of what our school really is all about. In my photos I was focusing mainly on forms of life, whether it be plants, people, animals, etc. Living things are what make up this planet, so to get still images of that is incredible. I wanted to get people or things in their natural habitat to make my pictures realistic of what it was like to be there in that moment, nothing staged. Our guide Maddy was amazing! She was full of energy and explained everything as she brought us to it, and gave the reasons why she wanted to take us there. She even asked us about ourselves, and seemed genuinely interested in our answers. The best part of the walk was when we didn’t walk. We took the shuttle from upper campus to the gardens. Our bus was packed with art students, and it was a site to see! All in all this was a cool experience, and I loved learning new things about our campus.


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