Wk 5-Art Experience-Cuisine

Growing up I’m sure almost everyone’s parents told them not to play with their food, that it wasn’t good manners. This art experience was a fun one for that reason, I got to play with my food, and justified it because it was for an assignment. When I was younger I used to love play-dough, and that is how I got the idea to cut shapes out of a quesadilla. Since I didn’t have stencils I used a knife, and it was actually a lot harder to do than I had originally thought. It didn’t come out as elaborate as I wanted it to, and you can really only make out the heart shape. Next time I would use cookie cutters, which I didn’t have access to , because you would definitely be able to make out the different shapes. I learned that food can be fun, and it isn’t always a bad thing to play with your food.


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