Week 4-Classmate Conversation-Destiny Farihi


Every week when I do these conversations I try to come up with questions that aren’t generic. Questions that give you more insight into how the person thinks, and what they are interested in. For this conversation I interviewed Destiny Farihi who is a second year on the Long Beach State Cheer Team with two of my roommates. I asked her if she could have dinner with any one person who would it be. She replied, Bradley Cooper from American Sniper because he is “super cute.” Next I asked her if she had ever had the desire to be famous, and she told me no because she wouldn’t like all the attention on her. The money would have been nice, she added, but not the spotlight that comes with it. Finally I asked her if she had a crystal ball that could tell her something about the future, what would she want to know. She told me she wanted to know if she would make it through pharmacy school, since it is her dream to become a pharmacist and work in the hospital with her mother who is a nurse. These questions helped me learn about more than just the surface level things about Destiny, and I even learned about her hopes for the future.



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